Lil Silk’s A Rapper! (Interview)


I got the opportunity to chat one on one with one of rap’s newest, most eccentric artists, Lil Silk. Hailing from Atlanta, which seems to pop out a new artist every other day, Silk’s buzz has been on the rise of recent and is about to sky rocket soon. While his music is fun, outrageous, and off the top, once we began talking I noticed he was a focused and well rounded dude. He, like many who grew up in the 2000s, named Lil Wayne as one of his favorites and talks about the direction that he is trying to go with musically. Check out the whole conversation down below.

Cracked Atoms: For those who don’t know introduce yourself, tell us a little about where you come from.

Lil Silk: My name is Lil Silk I’m from Chicago raised in Atlanta’s Zone 3 to be exact.

At what age did you move from Chicago? 


Cool, so what type of music did you grow up listening to?

All types but I grew up in the Lil Wayne era so that was my favorite, still is.

True, he influenced a whole generation and shit, did you always know you wanted to be a rapper?

Yea kinda I was a poet at my early ages, like 7 and shit then one day mama silk was like u should try making a song and I did.

Goes like: black and mild black like thunder boy u look like Stevie wonder…

I always kept writing and shit tho didn’t seriously record til about middle school when I had the home set u.

I’ve been reading other people try and categorize you with Young Thug, Migos, Quan and other up and coming ATL artists, I’ve heard terms like “experimental”, “weirdo trap” and a few others, but I wanted to give you a chance to describe your sound and what you’re trying to do with it.

I like to call my sound fun, energizing and weird, very different with a lot of different sounds that keep the listeners at the edge of their seat waiting to hear what’s the next blurted adlib.

We’re in a day and age, post Lil B, where anyone can promote themselves and their music through the internet, the record label power has somewhat faded. How do you feel about the state of the game?

I believe that is true but true to an extent. I’ve seen labels do some shit that will take years for an artist to do his self in 1 fukkn phone call

True, at the end of the day if you got the machine behind you, you can do a lot more than what you can from hustlin on your own. Lets get back to your music, what are your upcoming projects, can we look forward to anything in the near future? Also are there any producers that you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Yea man I’m working on releasing a lot of songs and videos just building hype I have enough to drop but the music is so different I have to prepare people for it I just can’t release it I know it will possibly get over heard.

And producers the biggest producer I worked with yet is Honorable C-Note I actually just ran into him few seconds ago at the studio I have a crazy ass verse on a big artist song scheduled to drop January with a video. C-note produced the song and loves my verse so much, he ready to turn up with me from scratch.

Hell yeah look forward to hearing that, any rappers on the come up you’re trying to work with?

Que and Young Dolph

Now to get off rap a little, name us 5 people outside of rap that influence your music or even your everyday life?

My mom, my manager, my sister, my fans, and my father..big silks a wrapper.

Thats wassup, I was gonna ask you what you meant by Lil silk and Big silk on “Rapper”.

Lil Silks a rapper, Big Silks a wrapper. My father was a drug lord and I’m soon to be a rap lord.

I think the cover is overlooked it shows one side is the drug life, dedicated to him and the other side is a music life dedicated 2 me. That picture was a picture wen he was in his prime, miss that dude.


Do you have any upcoming shows or plans on touring?

I’m on a little tour with my label mate Mykko Montana, we doing that silent song everywhere it’s buzzing like crazy in the streets.

Fasho, coming out of Atlanta I hear alot of good things about the strip clubs, whats your favorite and do you got any noteworthy stories?

I been to magic a couple times. My most memorable time was just last week in South Carolina, my song Silent came on in the strip club them strippers went crazy I threw all my money had nothing to eat afterwards lmao strip club set you up to spend money I swear it’s the illuminati man.


That’s all we had for you Silk, thank you for your time. Do you have anything else to say, any shoutouts, promos, dates you wanna tell the people, the floor is yours.

Shout out Cracked Atoms and all the sites fucking with me, too many to name. Thx to all my supporters, my label Archive Entertainment and most of all GOD. Without Him there wouldn’t be no Lil Silk, all praises to almighty. Follow my Twitter @BuzzFlightyear, Instagram @lilsilkk and my soundcloud Be ready for a takeover in 2014!! I have my own sound and my own lane I’m glad I’m paving a new way in Atlanta, the new Atlanta weird rap scene! Silk bay!! I will not upset I promise to stay consistent.

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