NoEmotion x CrackedAtoms (Interview)

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For the unenlightened he might just be another rapper wearing a mask but for those that are not new to the mind-altering rhymes of Miami native NoEmotion Goldmask; the gift of his seemingly disconnected style graces us everytime we choose to blast one of his tracks out of our speakers. With a flow best enjoyed in an altered mindstate, NoEmotion is becoming a staple of the Miami scene and with more collaborations than any new artists out here he might just be the next big thing in your hometown.

Who is NoEmotion?


Why the mask?

I am more than one person but noemotion is trying to be the strongest, with a mask I can add one more

How long has NoEmotion existed?

His birth was Dec 19 2010, when I made the video -Dinosaurs on a prostitutes Lip-

Is that something we can find on youtube?

yes its my first video

The first time hearing you or seeing your persona alot of people tend to compare you to MF DOOM, is he a source of inspiration for you?

No, I wear a mask because of the movie The Mask, I started to like MF DOOM after I created NoEmotion and I was like “O SHIT, he is amazing”. I get messages online all the time, like “your trying to be DOOM”, but im so far from it. I did DOOM beats at first not knowing they were his beats; a friend gave me some beat CD it just worked out, I was like WOW! people are going to hate me,GREAT

If not DOOM then what are your influences?

I like stand up comedy, the most with Hip Hop I always tried to make my self as good as I could be, I like every body and get ideas from all artist, can’t say one name but I do love Reggie Watts right now.

Reggie watts? The comedian known for “F_ck Sh_t Stack”?

YES he is amazing

Metro Zu x NoEmotion – Intricate Flap Circuitry

You’ve done a few collaborations in the Miami Scene, my favorite being “Intricate Flap Circutry” with Metro Zu, but are there any people that you have yet to do a collabo with?

Im waiting to do a track with my good friend Dashius Clay

Do you have any major projects coming up?

Well I have my next album -AMERICAN HENTAI- almost ready, should be ready in Dec for NoEmotions Birthday

Is it true that all the tracks will be named by your fans?

Yes, I asked my fans for some names and it was a big moment for me, over 250 names in like 2 hours from my people, I was like wow but the good thing in the -AMERCAN HENTAI- album is that it will also have a remix album, both albums are produced by AOI a producer from australia so we can pick a good amount of the names and they’re great Like -koala escobar-

closing thought
Do you have anything to say to your fans?


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