Odd Future’s Mike G. Kicks It With Cracked Atoms (Interview)

Photo credit: Suzi Pratt

We were lucky enough to chop it up with Mike G. the king himself about everything from GOLD, to his favorite Golf Wang projects, to his favorite Flocka joint, to his signature Screwed Up Saturdays series. It turns out Mike actually got put onto C&S up music down here in Florida, how bout them apples? Hit the jump for the rest of the interview….

What were some of your favorite albums growing up?
Cheers is my favorite album. I’ve stolen/bought about 7 copies over the years. Chronic 2001, I had The Way I Am by Knoc-turn’al, Marshall Mathers LP, A lot of Shady/Aftermath

How did you first link up with OF?
I graduated with Left Brain, He was the first person giving me beats and he bought me in. I went to Syd’s studio with him one day and everyone was in there making music. It was my fist time actually seeing the productivity that most artist talk about. I had to be a part of it. I recorded ‘Timeless’ that night.

Most memorable OF show to date?
Reading Festival ’11. We performed hopped on a flight and landed in L.A. a couple hours before we went to the VMA’s. Rockstar shit.

Top 5 favorite OF albums?
BlackenedWhite, ALI, Rolling Papers, The OF Tape, Earl

You’re headlining a nationwide tour and you can pick any 3 other acts to hit the road with, who are they?
Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Vince Staples

Whats dropping first, Detox, Jay Elect’s Act II , or GOLD?
I have a feeling me Dre and Jay all know what we’re doing. But I can in no way to answer this.

Anything the people should know about GOLD?
Invest in it. It’s the only stock that’s still rising.

What does Odd Future Records have in store for us?
Some things you’ve been waiting for, things you expect, and things you’d never see coming.

Is it true Proof is your favorite emcee? Who else has had the most influence on your craft?
That is true. Everyone that I listen to regularly could have a tendency my influence my style though.

Favorite movie?
Might be 8 Mile.

Favorite producers?
Eminem, Manny Fresh, Dr. Dre,

Favorite left brain beat?
He has this beat called ‘Secrets’. It’s extremely serene.

Favorite Waka track?
Bustin’ At Em (BOW)

We LOVE your screw tapes, from Screwed Up Saturdays, to the color series now, they’re all essential. What can you tell us about the texas screw scene and its impact and importance to you?
Hearing that is amazing. I was actually in Florida with my uncle when I was exposed to chopped and screwed music. We would ride around listing to Lil Wayne and local Tampa artists tapes. I started chopping and screwing music for personal pleasure when my brother found a program that you could slow down and speed up audio on. It was the same software that I used to record. It was rare that i’d find someone that wanted to listen to music in that form, especially in L.A.. I’m sure they thought it was unnecessary but I started exploring DJ Screw’s taped and uploading songs of my own and people on the internet seemed to be more receptive to it than the ones around me. I feel I need this type of music because it’s another form of musical expression when I can’t find the words to say.

20 years from now, what would you want people to remember Mike G for?
I feel if people were to remember for something, they’ll pick their own reasons.

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